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  The Byzantine church "The Assumption of Virgin Mary

The Byzantine church “The Assumption of Virgin Mary


 “ The old cathedral is situated in the traditional town quarter Varosi, between the archbishop house and the old Maiden school. It was built in the 14th century before the conquest of the city by the Turks. 

Many churches and buildings were erected during the age of Palaiologi dynasty. The church is a three-aisle wooden-roof basilica of the 14th century, dedicated to Christ wisdom and the word of God. The oldest wall-paintings are dated from 1380. Significant is the woodcut icon screen from the 18th century with icons made by painter Apostoli Loggianou Vodenioti (1761). 

First the church was called St. Sophia but it was re-named church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary during the Turkish occupation, in order to avoid the danger of being converted into a Mosque because the Turkish Sultan decreed that every church bearing the name St. Sophia would be turned into a Muslim Temple. 

Of great interest are the columns which originally came from an older church especially the one in the east which is unique and presents similarities with the ones in Ravenna. Remarkable are the frescoes which are on two layers. The oldest dated the 14th century and the newer from the 17th century.



the temple

East view

one of great kions


Cleopatra Theologidou -11th Directory of Byzantine Antiquitieswww.culture.gr 




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