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1st WATER.NET PHOTO CONTEST EDESSA Water World & 5 Human Senses Intercultural Encounters

On behalf of Water.Net, Water Protection Thematic Park Actions IPA-CBC project amateur photographers are invited to participate in the photo contest co-organized by the Municipality of Edessa, Municipality of Ohrid, Alexander Technical Institute of Thessaloniki and University of Bitola / Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid, in collaboration with the Waterfalls of Edessa Municipal Enterprise / Cultural Center of Edessa

Through the art of photography, participants will have the chance to express themselves and explore the cross border Water.Net area, a crossroads and destination of the Balkan Peninsula. They will be able to capture images that describe the coexistence and interaction of Balkan Water World & 5 Human Senses, the challenge of being equal and different at the same time.

The contest theme refers to images of:

Natural life & water

Different identities & cultures near water (locals, immigrants, tourists, etc.)

Historical, traditional & modern neighborhoods and buildings near water

Intercultural meetings in a public place using water (markets, parks, museums etc)

Daily life & life cycle with water


The photographs should reflect something beyond the tourist photo, ideally to give a sense of water cultural sensitivity.

1. Aesthetic quality, 2. Creativity and 3. Relevance to the contest theme. 4. The photo should not have been awarded in another competition.


Submissions open March 1, 2016 and close June 1, 2016.

During the last week of May 2016 the results of the competition will be announced on the competition website.

In June 2016, the winning photographs and a selection of other photographs will be displayed in an exhibition held in Water.Net Project premises (Cultural Center of Edessa, Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki & Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid). During the opening of the exhibitions the prizes will be awarded to the winners.


The contest is open for all adults (+18) EU citizens and citizens of Western Balkan States.


To participate, photographers must fill out the photo contest application online and attach their photo, title of photo, place / city, date of photo taken, name of the photographer. You can send also the application form (into and photo file via email to: / Subject Water.Net Photo Exhibition 2016

Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 photos.

Photos must be in .jpeg or .jpg format and in their original size and resolution. Every photo must be saved by a file name as a caption (brief description) that will be used under the picture during the exhibition. For example: traditional neighborhood .jpeg

Each photo submitted to the contest is made public on the contest website after approval of the administrator, provided that it meets the conditions of the contest.

Where participation is not accepted, a relevant email message will be sent to the person concerned.

Technical specifications: The competition accepted photos (digital) format jpeg, with high resolution over 2.500 dpi (2,5mb), suitable for printing in size 70cm x 100cm..To file size to be sent can be up to 17 mb. Allow slight processing on the luminance, contrast, convert a color photo to black and white and all generally interventions that can in turn be made and the darkroom.

Not allowed montage (composition), adding digital photo frame and signature (watermark), removing, adding the image data and the partial discoloration (part or element) of the image and any local treatment.

Additions in the photos such as borders, frames, watermarks, signatures or copyright notices are not permitted. Participants may also submit a photo collage.


All submitted photos will be examined by the jury. Members of the jury are:

Water.Net Teamwork Project Management Team & 2 Representatives from each partner Partners are, the Municipality of Edessa, Municipality of Ohrid, Alexander Technical Institute of Thessaloniki and Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid.

The jury members work is a voluntary contribution to the 1st Water.Net Photo Contest.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

WaterNet Award Edessa Waterfalls from Municipality of Edessa WaterNet Award Thessaloniki Sea View from ATEITH WaterNet Award Ohrid Lake from Municipality of Ohrid WaterNet Award Biliana Springs from FTU Ohrid WaterNet Award Alexanders Drop from Project Teamwork Accompanied by special memorable gifts.


By submitting in this photo contest, you agree to the entry rules, and the following legal conditions:

The photos should clearly be about the topic of the contest: "WaterNet Clean Water, Clean Products and Clear Thoughts

The participants acknowledge that Water.Net Project Partners or any connected Water.Net Teamwork member legal assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any image misuse by any third party.

The submitted photos must be original and entirely the work product of the participant without infringing any third party's rights.

The participants warrant that they have obtained permission from the persons pictured in their photographs.

Participants retain ownership and copyright for future use of their photos. However, they assign to Water.Net teamwork permission to use, reproduce, or promote them without payment or other consideration.

Participants should note that the printed photos will not be returned to them.

Photos with inappropriate content (obscene, provocative, promotional material) will not be accepted. Water.Net teamwork retains sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.

All photos will be reviewed by the panel of judges, whose selections will be final. Participants cannot win more than one prize at a time.

CONTACT: Evangelos Kiriakou, Sakis Dimtsis Tel. +30 23810 20300, e-mail:

Water.Net, Water Protection Thematic Park Actions has been approved and co-financed in the frame of EU IPA-CBC Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013.

Partners are, the Municipality of Edessa, Municipality of Ohrid, Alexander Technical Institute of Salonica and Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid.




> 01.07.2016
  WATERNET. Ohrid Open Summer Water.
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> 29.03.2016
  WATERNET. Clean Water to Clean Products and Innovative Tourism / Thessaloniki
  (pdf) ...
> 21.03.2016
  WATERNET. World Water Day in Edessa
  (pdf) ...
> 01.03.2016
  WATERNET. Photo Competition Announcement
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> 18.01.2016
  Meeting & Events WATERNET in Ohrid
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> 14.09.2015
  Kick off meeting for WATERNET in Edessa
  More (pdf) ...

The project Water.Net, Water Protection Thematic Park Actions    has been approved  in the frame of EU IPA-CBC Greece - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013. Partners are, the Municipality of Edessa(OLP), Municipality of Ohrid(LP), Alexander Technical Institute of Salonica (PP3) and Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid(PP4). The Projects aim is to support the cross-border cooperation, to promote the importance of water, to develop cross-border water environment protection and to strengthen cross-border education, recreation & environment business transactions.

In the frame of the project many actions will be organised such as:

Mobile environmental information units - Control access points with relevant equipment in both cities with the possibility of presentation of water as the most important factor for shaping the common environment  identity of cross border regions.

Controlled environmental educational paths and recreational activities based on the value of water and the approach through exhibitions of the five human senses. A key innovation is the gastronomy of water which is the base of molecular gastronomy. There is even an organized botanical garden with an exhibition of herbs related to the gastronomy of water.

 Alongside a common (3 lingual) water net guide is being designed with references to legends of water, fairies and the god of water and of course references to mountainous cuisine, festivals and fairs, traditional music and gastronomy products based on water quality.

 In addition the guide includes business catalogs concerning thematic activities, foods & beverages, hospitality and rich local products.

Three Dissemination Events & one Congress in Edessa, Ohrid and Thessaloniki for the project promotion with the attendance of target groups and stakeholders from both partner countries

Also a special electronic website is being constructed improving volunteerism and social networking for observation, promotion and protection of water paths as well as promoting gastronomy and local products. 

Furthermore educational applications with mobile electronic equipment and tools are being built in order to initiate young pupils / students in the water ecology to highlight the value of water and the effect on local products to healthy diet. Also there will be special material for the promotion of the program and better the dissemination of information.

 The total amount of project is 530.000 .







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